SubieWerks Recovery Team

SubieWerks Recovery Team


The perfect decal if you own a truck, SUV, or any form of off-road vehicle that is capable of towing!


Originally started in order to provide support to fellow SW members, and to open the community to trucks and SUVs.


Decal measures 11 inches in length.


    Returns are not accepted for decals.


    Before you apply, squeegee the clear plastic (transfer tape) on to the decal. This is to ensure that all letters and characters will lift when you peel the decal. If not all the letters lift up press the paper backing into the clear tape.  


    *Gold and silver are metallic colors which do not have a protective coating. This means the decal will last about one and a half to two years depending on the intensity of the sun.


    Make sure to apply on a clean surface, decals only stick to smooth surfaces. It is recommended that you apply the decal in 65 degrees F, or warmer to ensure proper adhesion.