SUBIEWERKS 80's Retro Reflective banner + Visor

SUBIEWERKS 80's Retro Reflective banner + Visor


The new English SubieWerks banner, this is inspired by the retro themes and styling of the 80's. This is a two piece banner, "KEEPDREAMING" is free and comes only in pink with the banner.


*Only the banner change will change color according to the color you choose. "Keep Dreaming" will remain pink. Take special care to peel this sticker as the letters "SUBIEWERKS" are comprised of small lines that form the name, special care is required. Application instructions are supplied with the banner.


This is a two-part product, you get a matte black visor that is 12" tall, and the width varies with your model, the banner itself is 42" wide.


    Returns are not accepted for banners.


    Before you apply, squeegee the clear plastic (transfer tape) on to the decal. This is to ensure that all letters and characters will lift when you peel the banner. Peel from a corner, and peel slowly.


    Banner is for the front windshield, not the back window, or side windows.

    Banner comes with instructions on application, if you have any further questions contact SW before you attempt to put it on.