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Art In Motion Rally Team is rally team based out of Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Started between two friends and long time automotive enthusiasts. Geoff, the driver, an owner and operator of an automotive repair business and co-driver, Derric, is a regional sales Manager for a family food business. Growing up around cars had a heavy influence on us. As soon as we could we began modifying and racing cars. So far we have competed in 7 National Rally America events. We’ve had our ups and downs but we always have a great time. We compete in open light class which is an unrestricted non-turbo engine all wheel drive cars. Our car of choice is a 1997 Subaru Impreza. 


SubieWerks is one of our first supporters. He is incredibly passionate about Subarus. We always look forward to the social media posts and are extremely proud and grateful to be part of the SubieWerks brand. 

Driver: Geoff Weide

Co-driver: Derric Throne


Our team is a small family team consisting of my dad as the navigator, my grandpa as the lead mechanic and me as the driver. Rally is a family affair for us. My mom and grandma attend most of the races and help us in the pits. My grandparents were my inspiration for me to get into rally. They rallied their Mazda RX3 in the northwest during the 80s. I started competing in SCCA rallycross events when I was 15. I started in the stock front class with my Honda Civic. After a couple of seasons it was time for something new. I bought a 1996 Subaru Impreza and decided that that was going to be my platform for my rally car. We rebuilt the engine and addressed a few other small issues and the car was ready for rallycross. Within the first couple of seasons we upgraded the suspension, rear differential, brakes, transmission, added a roll cage, and changed engines. We have touched every part on the car at least once and there is still a lot left to upgrade. And now we are competing in rallysprints and stage rally here in Washington. 


Our goal is to keep racing as long as possible and of course to have fun doing so. Since we are a small, privateer team without any big sponsors, finishing a rally is more important to us than being on the top step of the podium. With more experience will come more speed and confidence. Until then we are trying our hardest to finish every rally we enter. If we can’t win with speed, we will win with reliability. 


I think SubieWerks is a great way of spreading the fun of Subaru and rallying to the world. It’s great to see the growth SubieWerks has had over the last few years and I am very interested to see where it goes from here. 

Driver: Ben Burt

Co-driver: Ken Burt

Blind Deer Rallysport started when driver and owner Jimmy Pelizzari switched from rallying a vintage Mazda 323 GTX and bought a slightly less vintage 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS. With a new car came a new team and the goggled eyeless deer bust left in the garage became the mascot. The team is split between Traverse City, MI and Detroit, MI.


Jimmy grew up driving lawnmowers and go-karts through the woods and cherry orchards near Traverse City, MI. He then moved to NYC to pursue becoming a jazz musician where oddly enough he started driving cars for work, including some pretty fast ones! When he moved home to MI he knew rally was the way to go so jumped all in and has competed in Midwestern rallies for the last 4 years.


Kate is a former ski racer who now teaches chemistry in Detroit. Having only dated Jimmy for a few months she jumped at the chance to co-drive without really knowing what a performance rally was! She handled it great and is now calling notes like an ace whether they're pace notes or tulips. Aaron Elliott is the one who keeps the car in good shape. A mechanic in Traverse City, Aaron knows Subaru's in and out. In his time off he is usually out testing out different setups and ideas in the woods somewhere, unless the head gaskets are shot…


Typically the team runs Sno* Drift, 100 Acre Wood, Southern Ohio Forest Rally, Summer Sno* Drift and Lake Superior Performance Rally. This year the team has been performing well with podiums in class at 3 out of 4 rallies. With any luck we hope to keep improving and see what happens.


It’s very cool to be a part of the SubieWerks team. Seeing so many Subaru fans come together over everyone’s love of these cars is a lot of fun and to has Rally supported by such a great community is incredible. We’re very excited to be flying the SubieWerks flag!


Dirty Paws Rally is a grassroots team based out of the PNW. We consist of owner/driver, Matt Turner from Vancouver, WA and codriver, Dylan Hooker from Hillsboro, OR.We compete in NA4WD class of the American Rally Association with a 1994 Subaru Impreza. Matt has an obsession with the old GrpA Impreza’s and you can see it in his build, trying to make the car look as close to one as possible.Matt works at Nameless Performance as a fabricator/mechanic and is also a traveling racecar mechanic for a FD Pro 1 team and crews for a few rally teams as well when he can’t drive. He built this car from the ground up.Dylan works in IT and has been involved in rally for years on the organization side of Oregon Rally Group. He is also a driver, competing past events in a Mazda 323 GTX, but has found the codriver seat to be pretty fun as of late.You can catch Dirty Paws Rally at a couple ARA events in the PNW a year. Hopefully we can do more in the future!We are super excited to help spread the Subiewerks name!

Driver: Matt Turner

Co-driver: Dylan Hooker


Photos: @fatgooosee

swrt swoosh front white.png

1992 Subaru SVX

I’m Nolan Abell. I am 20 years old and a rally driver. I have a lot of goals and aspirations as to where I’d like to see myself and the 1992 Subaru SVX that I drive.


Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I've been around Subaru forever. My first car was a 2004 Outback and it wasn't long before I discovered how much fun it was to drive on gravel. After I decided I wanted to go racing, I joined local the local rallycross circuit.


The rally community has always inspired me to be the best I can be on and off the track. The support and group knowledge has been absolutely overwhelming. The 1992 SVX as you know is NOT an ideal platform to make a rally car out of, however, we're pushing on with the project.


The car itself is not too far off from a stock SVX. We’re keeping the EG33 drivetrain where it belongs in the car it came in.The engine is entirely stock with a 2005 Legacy GT transmission behind it with 4.11 gears.


SubieWerks has always inspired me. Showing me the brilliant drivers of yesterday and today. It’s more than just an Instagram page or an idea. It’s a family for all who are passionate about their cars and their driving.

Driver: Nolan Abell


Heavy Metal Motorsports HQ is hidden in the hills outside of Pittsburgh where it is very common to see questionably road worthy vehicles driving down the street. Our crew grew up in that same twisty, tree-lined, pot-hole invested, ditch outside, rain, sleet, snow covered, back road zone. We quickly discovered that Subarus were solid winter commuting weapons for snowboarding missions to 7 Springs and they were also fun to rip around in the dirt the rest of the year.


If you enjoy crashing things, breaking things, and most of all fixing things...rally is probably still a bad idea. But if you are stubborn and committed you can probably have fun and maybe even do some winning. 


SubieWerks always digs deep and showcases the classic WRC golden era photo gems. Good motivation to jump out of bed and fix the car. Again...

Driver: Jon Kramer

Co-driver: Jason Smith

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2016 Subaru BR-Z

I am just a guy who loves shredding tires and generally being behind the wheel of a race/drift vehicle. Technical driving & high speed gets my blood pumping. I am a master mechanic with over fifteen years of experience. My sole intent to keep money flowing for tires and entry fees. My dreams are to run a professional series and/or do stunt driving.


I have experience with RWD, FWD, and AWD.  I soon got into drag racing (brackets), a great way to gain experience in launching and getting the most out various drive train and engine setups. I wandered into rallycross in 2009 with my Datsun  240z running my 1st National Challenge rallycross just South of San Diego. This combined most of my favorite elements of driving into one thing (drifting and technical driving in mud/dirt). I was hooked. Later I dipped my toes into drifting and time attack at local SoCal tracks as well.


Later I discovered there was a general lack of affordable competitive racing events. I decided to run my own racing series that put emphasis on the driver by forcing the contestants to run all season tires. This was very successful and brought a big crowd of entrants and lots of new-to-motorsports drivers. I also started a local rallycross and gymkhana/drift/driver training series that was quite successful but land to operate on was not stable. Forcing it to end abruptly. I chose to run race/competition events over practice events to save money. This allows me to see how I stack up in a real world environment vs. a practice environment. I also find it more exciting to go against difficult odds and find myself playing the underdog role quite often. I may not always win, but when I do, it is a bigger celebration.

 I also absolutely love the different faces from all different backgrounds and skill sets I meet when out at motorsport events. I also love giving ride-alongs whenever possible and learning new things! I hope to see you out at a race or car event in the future. Remember kids, smoke tires not drugs!


SubieWerks is a great community that emphasizes the spirit, motorsport & rally heritage of Subaru. They focus on unity and acceptance of others people rather than solely on a brand or specific type of vehicle that individuals drive. In the words, you don't get shunned or excluded for not driving or owning Subaru, but rather accepted with open arms. To me, the driver is what makes the car, not the other way around. This and positivity and open-heartedness makes me proud to be a part of SubieWerks! I also like racing and Subaru's so that's a no-brainer. 

Driver: Justin Goen


Photos provided by: Dean Ross

When both myself and SubieWerks were fairly new and had small numbers on Instagram we formed a relationship in beginning both supporting each other’s love of a certain Japanese brand.  Over the years SubieWerks grew and became the go to place for fans and insiders involved in the Subaru scene.  In those years SubieWerks has promoted my rallying activity and action to the world. 


As a day job I work with ground operations on big passenger aircraft with major world wide airlines.  This job is very intense so I love to relax with my passion of rallying in my genuine Prodrive GC8 rally car.  The car is international specification and all bells and whistles included.  The car is like driving with a PlayStation controller being so precise and controllable as well as puncturing your lungs with acceleration.  I’ve driven in the Scottish rally championship and various English and Welsh rally championship events in the same class as WRC cars.  In my early years, not that I’m old, I used to be paid to drive on the Nurburgring and this experience carried over into my rallying.  I also navigate at national level in various top spec cars and drivers including ex-World Rally Championship cars.  Rallying and Subaru community is like nothing else and I’m proud to be inspiration and an ambassador to our brand.

Driver: Dean Ross

Co-driver: (vary with event)


DW Rally Team is a grassroots rally team all about anything that involves racing in the dirt. We started out racing SCCA Rallycross back in 2006. After quite a few years of competing and taking a 2nd place in MA in the 2013 National RallyCross Championship, rallycross wasn’t scratching the itch as much anymore. So that’s when we decided to make the leap into stage rally. Brian (driver) began to slowly transform the car into a stage rally legal car whilst still rallycrossing. Finally in 2015 the car was ready, Brian and long time friend Adam (co-driver) competed in their first event and were 100% hooked. We had always dreamed of running stage rallies growing up and now we were living the dream! Currently, we’ve completed 7 out of the 9 rallies since we started with 3 podium finishes! One DNF was mechanical and the other DNF was a stump! Those DNFs might slow us down, but they don’t stop us. Being a private team without a big budget, we work hard to do everything we can to get back out there as quick as possible and run as many rallies as we can!


We have pretty simple goals.

1.) Rally as much as we can for as long as we can do it.

2.) Entertain the fans! We love to make rally as entertaining as possible for everyone that comes out to spectate. If there’s a spectator area marked on the notes, we try our best to put on a good show!


SubieWerks is a fantastic community and we’re honored they’ve asked us to represent them. It’s a great place share the Subaru love and gain more fans of motorsports. SubieWerks is doing great things and hope we can help them along the way.

Driver: Brian Ballinger

Co-driver: Adam Becker

Previously sponsored, and some currently sponsored rally teams (not listed) include FY Racing, Nick Roberts Global Rally Team, SRT TEAM 179, FL4T FOUR Motorsports, Broken Motorsports, Brenten Kelly 989 Rally, and Simon Horton RallyCross Team.

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