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SubieWerks Mystery Box

SubieWerks Mystery Box

  • $70 dollars worth of SubieWerks merchandise
  • Guaranteed one apparel item, accessory item, and stickers!
  • And more can be packed with your order



*orders will come in priority packaging, or poly mailer. (relative to items in the package)* Items do not ship in boxes, they are for demonstration only


*may comes with a mix of SubieWerks and Keep Dreaming merchandise

  • Return Policy & Application/Care

    SubieWerks mystery boxes are hand packed, and personalized per order based on the questions answered when selecting the box. 

    Returns are not accepted for the box as a result. 

    Application instructions for stickers are as follows:

    Before you apply, squeegee the clear plastic (transfer tape) on to the decal. This is to ensure that all letters and characters will lift when you peel the decal. If not all the letters lift up press the paper backing into the clear tape.  

    *Gold and silver are metallic colors which do not have a protective coating. This means the decal will last about one and a half to two years depending on the intensity of the sun.

    Wash Instructions
    Turn garment inside out. Machine wash on COLD with mild detergent. NO bleach. Dry at a normal dryer setting on household machines. Do NOT dry clean. Designs are heat pressed on, MUST AVIOD ironing over design/logo on the garment.


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