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Andy Zai


2004 Impreza WRX STi


I created SubieWerks in June of 2014 after I graduated high school. I am the sole creator and owner of SubieWerks. I fell in love with cars when I was about six years old, the car that started it all for me was the Lamborghini Murcielago SV. Ever since then I have read car magazines, played racing video-games, and watched car shows. I discovered the motorsport of rallying when I watched a man in a loud blue and gold Subaru flying through the Welsh forests, and that man was Colin McRae. I was instantly hooked, and that is how I was introduced to the brand we all love and cherish. McRae added character to the sport and the Subaru brand. After I saw his driving style and his will to be the fastest I was instantly engulfed with rallying and Subaru.

I created SubieWerks to portray the world of rally and that Subarus can be much more than just slammed cars. At the time that is what dominated Instagram. I wanted to change that by introducing the culture of rallying. SubieWerks has given me the opportunity to meet new people, and establish new friendships. I never thought I would be able to drive a rally car, talk to top rally drivers, let alone sponsor rally cars. That all changed because of SubieWerks. When I met David Higgins he recognized me before I said anything, and told me he has been following for years and is a fan of what I do. I would never have thought I would have so many people representing my brand and community all around the world on all makes and models. I have been astounded by everything SubieWerks has been able to accomplish. I love what I do as it has made some of my dreams come true, and I am ecstatic to see what the future holds.


Everything is possible because of the wonderful, talented and unique people which SubieWerks is comprised of. Thank you to everyone who has supported and represents SubieWerks, you guys are all amazing!   


Stefan Iaulualo


2004 Impreza WRX STi

2015 WRX STi (Launch edition)

2000 Forester

1995 DoDGE RAM


My name is Stefan Iaulualo. I am a representative from the last frontier, otherwise known as Alaska. I had a long time love for Subaru’s starting at a very young age and finally bought my first Subaru, a 2004 WRX STi, after getting out of tech school in Arizona. My love for turning wrenches started with my first ever vehicle, a 1995 Dodge Ram of which I still own to this day. I have owned two other Subaru’s since (a lowered 2000 Forester and 2015 Launch Edition WRX STi) and love them to pieces, all for very different reasons. I am a car enthusiast of a very wide range. I run the SubieWerks World Rally Team page along with my girlfriend Michayla Taylor, who normally posts stories. I have a career with Cummins as a Power Generation and occasionally Engine in shop/field technician. I sometimes find myself very busy or in rural areas with little to no WiFi in some places work takes me. I look forward to growing my knowledge and love for Subarus as well as sharing it with all of you. Join us and follow along to see what’s next. 

Madison Casey


2000 Impreza 2.2L

What’s up guys! My name is Madison Casey and I am the owner of @thatbluegc8. I am currently living on the beautiful island of Oahu, being a full-time student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and work part time at an AYCE Korean BBQ house.

My passion for cars started when I was a child collecting and playing with hot wheels plus my dad was a really big influence on me too. Throughout my childhood he has restored a Ford Model A, and two Chevy Nova’s. Even though he’s into American muscle cars, I got into the import scene but specifically Subaru. My senior year of high school I finally had enough money to purchase my own car, so I started to look for a Subie first. I really wanted a BugEye at first but when I came across the car that I have now, I fell in love with the GC8’s. I knew about SubieWerks before I got my Subie and I really liked their banners. I ordered a Japanese banner as soon as I could once I got my GC and I was surprised I was the first car to rock one on Oahu. Ever since then, I’ve stayed in contact with Andy and SubieWerks has gotten a lot bigger. Now I help them out with clothing mock-ups and product shots which end up on the SubieWerks website.

I can’t wait to see what happens next is this new chapter of my life. Peace.

Joshua Quinn


2000 Impreza WRX

My name is Josh Quinn, I'm from the land downunder, the upside down world, the place of Kangaroos and Dropbears! Better known as Australia. I'm 22 and a Apprentice Mechanic, and I run the Subiewerks Rally Team page, I am also the only Rep in the southern hemisphere and this makes for the next saga of growing SW into a truly international community!

Ever since a young age I have this undying love for Subaru's, it all started with seeing a replay of the 1994 Asia Pacific Rally and Possum Bourne at the wheel of his 1993 Prodrive STI, dancing his way down a dirt road at some truly unreal speeds. (There's a story about that car that I'll tell in a second) In that moment a rumblehead was born, and I lived and breathed Subaru.

I'm lucky enough to own a highly modified 2000 WRX, which is known simply as "Ruby". She has got me through some of the toughest times in my life, and has also made some of the best memories. I'm continually improving her, but money isn't easy to earn as an apprentice! I'm also lucky enough to be apart of the 555 Historic Motorsport team which owns L555STE (the car that started it all for me) this is a true dream come true and I am always happy to talk about any aspect of this beautiful weapon!

I hope to meet as many of you as I can! I'm hoping to be able to make it to certain meets around the globe, and to share my journey as a rep with you all!


Michayla Taylor


2018 xv cROSSTREK

Hey, guys! My name is Michayla and I am the Subiewerks Ambassador. I live in Alaska and I work as a manager for Verizon at one of the local stores here. I also have a dog named Roxy, who is sixteen years old and LOVES car rides. I help run the Subiewerks Rally Team on Instagram with my boyfriend, Stefan. I mostly post the stories and occasionally post sometimes when he's out of town for work. I really got into SubieWerks after I had started dating Stefan and I bought my 2017 WRX Limited. The first thing we did after buying that car was put a white reflective banner on the back window and ordered Rally Armor Mud-flaps. I have been into cars ever since my dad bought his 2007 Impreza WRX STI Hawkeye in Aspen white right off the truck with 5 miles on the odometer. A few years later we went out for lunch and came back with his BRZ! Safe to say we have a thing for new race cars. Anyways,  I definitely look forward to the meets we’ll have not only in Alaska but also across the country (maybe one day even international meets) and meeting you guys! If you have any questions or want to know more, feel free to reach out to me or any of the other staff! Thanks so much everyone. This seriously wouldn’t be possible without you guys!!

Colin Saliba


2015 Subaru BRZ

My name is Colin Saliba, I am 20 years old and currently attending University along with helping manage a family farm. I have always had a passion for things with an engine and wheels, I originally grew up riding ATVs and it eventually led to racing them professionally within Ontario. I eventually grew out of it and moved onto the next addiction being cars. As corny as it sounds and as much as everyone says it, I mainly got into cars from watching “Fast and Furious” movies, originally it was because I was a child, but as I got older I really got to see what the passion and meaning of cars were in the movie and it had me hooked. Once I had my license I was able to truly see the car scene in my area, whether it be track events to a local car meet or car show. That led me to my decision to buy a Subaru and ultimately to SubieWerks. To me, 99% of “car pages” on Instagram are filled with ads to buy cheap products that do not even relate to the page itself, and that's why I think my respect for SubieWerks began as it was never used to promote anything other than the brand itself and it stays true Subarus. I would say I really became a part of SubieWerks 2 years ago when I originally bought a banner from Andy, I had zero issues with purchasing and had it within days, after making the purchase Andy and myself kept in touch due to the fact we both owned BRZs as we would talk about other parts etc and just life in general. Years later and I am now the Canadian SubieWerks rep and can honestly say I am proud to support and represent such a great brand who doesn’t sellout as well as the fact I’ve made a great friend out of it.

David Ehlers



2015 Subaru IMPREZA

My name is David Ehlers, I live in Yakima Washington. In Yakima we get all four seasons so I get to have fun in all sorts of weather, (mud and snow are my favorite). I drive a 2015 Impreza with a six inch lift, custom leather interior, and a SubieWerks forest livery in gold. I was obsessed with cars as a kid, my dad had a 1984 Porsche 944 when I was a kid, but he was never into working on cars himself. He enjoyed owning them and driving them. I loved and knew about a lot of car at the time, but I didn’t really get into it until I got my Impreza in 2015. I began to start learning about cars when I started modifying my car. And of course just like everyone else “Fast and Furious” really just accelerated my love for cars. I became part of SubieWerks a few years ago when I found the page on Instagram, and bought a banner. Andy and I kept in touch afterwards, and we got to know each other pretty well. I love what SubieWerks stands for and, I tried to get other people to join SubieWerks too in my area. I also came up with a few ideas with Andy for SubieWerks products, called him all the time and eventually we became friends. I basically considered myself a representative after a few months of talking about ideas, then one day Andy appointed me as the Washington SubieWerks representative in July of 2017. Feel free to contact me or any of the other representatives if you have any questions. I promise we are all friendly and eager to help and or answer your questions to the best of our abilities!  

JK logo.png

Joseph Kennelty


2015 Forester (6-Speed)

It all started in college, when my good friend let me drive his 2000 Impreza 2.5RS. It was N/A, but he had a decent amount of mods that he did himself, and that famous rumble was present. I was absolutely blown away by the sound of the car, and how connected it felt to the road. Up until that moment, I had only ever been into American muscle cars. From that moment on, I was hooked! I fell in love with rally racing too, which deepened my love for Subaru. Flash forward to over ten years later, and I now own a 2004 WRX. This car that I call Totoro has lead me to meet some amazing people. I am a photographer, so I naturally started posting photos of my car on Instagram, in hopes of sharing my love and meeting other like-minded people. Andy from SubieWerks reached out to me after seeing my photos and invited me to a meet. I was nervous about going, as my previous experiences at car meets were generally full of people that were not very warm or welcoming. As soon as I pulled up to the SubieWerks meet, Andy walked up to my car, introduced himself and we haven’t stopped talking since. Since then, I have met a lot of really cool people from the SubieWerks family, all ages and colors, all makes and models. You will most likely catch me at the next SubieWerks meet creeping around your car! 


Some say he went extinct sixty-million years ago; and others say that he lives in the wilderness of Alaska among the bears, moose, sasquatches and other wildlife that can be found in The Last Frontier of civilization.

However, he was recently photographed at the first SubieWerks meet in Alaska in 2016. He seems to be docile and a fan of Subarus.

Will we ever see him again? No one really knows.

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